Bomb Heroes SEA

Reborn for Asian players!!

Update new game version

2019-09-16 06:30:00

On behalf of admin team, I am please to inform all of you some news:

  1. After a period of time, we developed and updated the homepage website. As you can see now, we have more brilliant and useful website. The new version has:
    1. A stable end-point to get and install game app. Including android and ios versions. (yes, we still provide app on stores)
    2. Another way to make purchase via prepaid cards, we will make instruction article later.
    3. A better way to give giftcodes, promotions.
  2. We will update game version on 19/9 10:00 GMT+7. New version will have:
    1. Bug fixes
    2. Add more items, fashions, features
    3. When having new version stable, we will open new server shortly, so stay stun.

Lastly, remember to join our group to discuss at here

    Have fun!