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All supported payments

2019-09-20 07:08:00

Hi bombers,

This article show you all of our supported payments.


Firstly, we support two types of payment. Google payment and prepaid card payment (Card name: GATE card, from Vietnam).

Depend on how you install this game, you will have correspondent ways of payment. Here it is:

Apk fileChPlayiOS
Prepaid cardscancancan
Google paymentscan notcancan not


Secondly, Google payments is straight forward and easy to understand, so in this secion, we only write instruction on how to use Prepaid card payments

    What to buy: prepaid game card from Vietnam company, here is it logo

    Precondition: you have to have VISA, Master cards or Paypal.

    Where to buy: there are some website that sell GATE cards, here is suggestions:


    Or you can google it with keyword "GATE card online sell"

    How to buy: these website are English languages, you just follow their buying instructions

    How to make topup:

    Step 1: login & click Topup

    Step 2: choose card value and click Next in GATE box

    Step 3: fill in card serial & card password

    In the case of success, you will have webcoin in your web account. The value of gate card you bought will be the number of webcoin added to your account.

    Step 4: move to Recharge page

    Step 5: choose money, server and role to transfer coin into server

    In the case of success, you should login into game and check your diamond immediately.